Dario Ballantini was born in Livorno in 1964. He had his first meetings with paintings and theater, within the walls of his own house. With his father who was a painter in the neo realist style, his uncle a post Macchiaioli artist, his grandfather an actor of an amateur dramatic company, and his uncle a unsuccessful tenor.
And he was struck by the reproductions of Guttuso, and Picasso seen in the volumes of reunited publishers that were distributed by his father. He became very passionate ...

Exhibition Museo della Commenda di Prè Genova
Painting Sculpture Video

:: 2018.08.03
Museo della Carta - Toscolano Maderno
07 july - 11 septembrer 2016 

:: 2016.07.21
Dario Ballantini exhibits at Cherasco (Cn)
Dario Ballantini exhibits at Cherasco (C...

:: 2016.07.21
Dario Ballantini Face To Fake
Dario Ballantini Face To Fake 28 april 2...

:: 2016.07.21
Dario Ballantini sculpture
21 april 2016 - Milano 

:: 2016.07.21
FAKE Identities - Galerie St. Jacques 5, Impasse (Sablon) Bruxelles

:: 2016.07.21